On 28th MArch 2024,  GRID@UNSW and RIIS in cooperation with ISPRS Student Consortium convened DIGITAL TWINS WORKSHOP: 3D SPATIAL CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES. Researchers from Europe and Australia shared the lessons learned and elaborated on innovative solutions.

The online stream attracted over 230 registrations from over 50 countries – we thank those who joined in the middle of the night on the other side of the world, and for those who missed the proceedings we have provided online access to the presentations.

We are pleased to share the rich discussions and the presentations from the workshop here in the attached document and a playlist of the workshop can be accessed on YouTube.

Here are the individual presentations:

  1. Digital Twin Road –Physical-Informational Representation of the Future Road System: Jörg Blankenbach & David Crampen [PDF] [VID]
  2. NSW Spatial Digital Twin: Brenton Ray [VID]
  3. Advancing sustainable urban planning in spatial digital twin paradigm: Chyan Sun [PDF] [VID]
  4. Torino Spatial Digital twin: challenges in 3D modelling: Yogender Yadav [PDF] [VID]
  5. Digital Twins Research at ARC RIIS Hub: Johnson Shen [PDF][VID]
  6. Integrated application of knowledge graph and digital twin in infrastructure management: Jack Sun [PDF] [VID]
  7. Challenges in 3D data integration for Digital Twins: Abdoulaye Diakité [PDF] [VID]

Once again, thanks for joining us for the workshop and contributing to the discussions.

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