A celebration of World Engineering Day

In celebration of World Engineering Day on 4 March, I would like to share my experience studying and working in the Engineering Field for the past 6 years of my career.

  • Why did you choose to study engineering/work in this field?

Since embarking on my career in Engineering, I have found myself continuously learning concepts and fundamentals. Through creativity and innovation, I have been able to apply these principles to solve critical problems. I chose to be an engineer because, regardless of specialization, I believe we impact society and shape the world around us.

  • What’s the main focus of your (RIIS) research?

As an engineer working across multiple disciplines, my focus at the RIIS hub is translating fundamental knowledge on nanotechnology-enabled sensors for monitoring mine health and safety. The outcome of this project is expected to have significant implications for safer mining and establishing more technologically advanced settings in the mining environment.

  • Why do you think engineering is an important area of study/skill/profession (in the context of future-proofing Australia’s urban, resource and energy infrastructure and/or sustainability?

By leveraging engineers’ skills and their innovation, I believe Australia can future-proof its urban, resource, and energy infrastructure while advancing sustainability goals and ensuring a prosperous and resilient future for generations to come. In this context, engineers are making critical contributions in Australia’s sustainable growth within a range of disciplines such as renewable energy solutions, water management, conservation, transportation infrastructure, and resilient infrastructure design.

  • In a sentence, what is a key component to creating ‘a sustainability’ mean to you?

In a key description, I would define sustainability as the forward-moving pursuit of prosperity for both present and future generations, achieved through the harmonious integration of environmental preservation, economic vitality, and societal well-being.

  • Is there a key area of concern being addressed by your work?

Specific to my project in RIIS hub, we aim to improve sustainable growth mining sector by advancing occupational health and safety monitoring technologies. Currently, there are several nanosensors under development in our laboratories for sensing critical gases in the mining industry, specifically for health and safety monitoring of mining workers.

  • How are you working with industry to better understand the challenges / solve them?

Active engagement with industry has provided me with a deeper understanding of real-world challenges and the necessity to develop innovative solutions that meet industry needs in a sustainable and cost-effective manner.

  • One unexpected thing about working in the engineering field that someone may not know?

Interdisciplinary collaboration and extensive teamwork are key components of most engineering endeavors, which many people might not be aware of. This fosters creativity and innovation, enriching engineers’ experience and knowledge.