Infrastructure protection utilising real time monitoring of affected catchments by developing predictive models during flash flooding events.

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University of Melbourne

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Spatial Data Infrastructures, Digital Twin and Decision Support

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The recent flood events (2022) in SE QLD and NSW have resulted in enormous hardships to major infrastructures and indeed local communities. In QLD alone, the social, financial, and economic costs have been predicted by Deloitte’s to be $7.7B. The impact is profound: Residential and commercial damage; public infrastructure, lost economic activity, lost agricultural production, emergency response and clean-up costs, facilities and injuries; Health social and community impacts. For a country like Australia with modern infrastructure, and local government associations and government agencies who plan for prevention, preparedness, response, and recovery, in great detail, one has to question what’s missing. The basic problem is that Australia, like many countries, have developed modern cities on flood plains. This coupled with the lack of real-time data to augment flood models means that emergency services lack vital information to alert communities in a timely way when flood events arise, especially flash-floods. These problems will undoubtedly become more acute with climate change over the coming decades. With the advent of IoT equipment and digital twins, it is timely to rethink how warning systems operate. Geoscape recently provided 3D data on buildings for flood response in Queensland. Geoscape can work with partners to integrate 3D built infrastructure data with sensor data to provide to enhance flood response capabilities.


Jagannath Aryal

Chief Investigator
University of Melbourne
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Abbas Rajabifard

RIIS Hub Deputy Director and Lead Chief Investigator
The University of Melbourne
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Govinda Pandey

Partner Investigator
Rockfield Technologies Australia Pty Ltd
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Brian Marwick

Partner Investigator
Geoscape Australia (PSMA Australia Limited)
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Tommy Chan

RIIS Hub Lead Chief Investigator
Queensland University of Technology
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