Jagannath Aryal

Current positions held

Senior Lecturer, Infrastructure Engineering, University of Melbourne


Jagannath Aryal received his PhD degree in Optimisation and Systems Modelling. He is currently a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Infrastructure Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology (FEIT) at The University of Melbourne.

His current research interests include optimal utilisation of Earth Observation, geo-information, and geo-statistics in better understanding the field of spatial hierarchies and multi-scaling issues to develop new methods. These novel methodological innovations are applied in modelling and mapping various landscapes ranging from modern urban land administration, natural disasters, precision agriculture, and urban systems, taking sustainability and resilience of the considered system into account.

Before joining the University of Melbourne, he worked at the University of Tasmania (Senior Lecturer), and at CNRS, France (Post-doctoral researcher). Prior to this, he was educated in New Zealand, the Netherlands, and Nepal. His research collaboration on Earth Observation, geospatial engineering, and spatial analytics extend to the prominent UK/European universities (including the University of Cambridge; CNRS, France; University of Salzburg; University of Twente). He currently serves on the editorial board of the Journal of Spatial Science (Taylor & Francis), and Remote Sensing (MDPI), and reviews the scientific journals for IEEE, Springer, and Elsevier.

With the utilisation of Earth Observation, imaging technologies and AI, his focus in this research theme will be on establishing Digital thread, managing digital twin for various applications, and developing near real time decision support systems.