Data Integration with Spatial Digital Twin for No Spill Network and Fibre Optic System for Pipeline Monitoring

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University of Melbourne



Spatial Data Infrastructures, Digital Twin and Decision Support

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This project is commencing with an application use case with the water utility South East Water but will have broader relevance across the RIIS  

Water utility service providers are facing a severe impact of network spill, which damages internal and external assets and businesses. For example, Soh East Water indicated that their Water Tank spill in Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, damaged critical locations and businesses, including Mussel Farms. Furthermore, it is difficult to detect and mitigate the spill of underground assets.   

To address these issues, multi-dimensional (2D, 3D) digital asset inventory combined with a real-time micro-climate predictive model is necessary to support spill mitigation measures. Furthermore, the application of innovative sensors including Fibre Optic Systems integrated with Spatial data in a Digital Twin will enable pipeline monitoring, no spill network and reduced contingency 


Abbas Rajabifard

RIIS Hub Deputy Director and Lead Chief Investigator
The University of Melbourne
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Alex Felson

University of Melbourne
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Les Richards

Partner Investigator
Hawk Measurement Systems
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