Bayesian approaches for Performance Monitoring and Maintenance Planning in Facilities Management

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Data collection, security, and integration

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Modelling, Simulations and Prognostics

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Infrastructure Health Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance

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Serco is a member of the Asset Institute and one of the largest facilities management providers in the world. They help customers manage and improve their infrastructure, respond to emergencies, monitor, and manage their facility resources, and keep their facilities secure. As a part of their portfolio, Serco manages the structural, mechanical, and electrical assets of a number of facilities across Australia and the maintenance of these assets remains a significant challenge to the long lifetimes of these assets —which is the primary driver for the sparsity of useable degradation and/or failure data for predictive modelling. Moreover, Serco would greatly benefit from a structured process for utilizing reliability and maintenance data/experience from one site to aid in planning of a new site — even if the assets are not same.   


Michael E. Cholette

Chief Investigator
Queensland University of Technology
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Tommy Chan

RIIS Hub Lead Chief Investigator
Queensland University of Technology
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Joe Mathew

Partner Investigator
Asset Institute
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