Automated Scan-vs-BIM for Real-Time Construction Progress Management of Infrastructure Projects

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Spatial Data Infrastructures, Digital Twin and Decision Support

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Data collection, security, and integration

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This project intends to address the industry gap between conventional data collection/processing approaches and increasing demands for intelligent decision support during infrastructure constructionThis becomes a critical challenge when managing large-scale and complex infrastructure construction projects, such as airports, roads, railways, bridges and tunnelsCurrently, field data are gathered manually for post data processing. This practice is labour intensive, costly, inefficient, and subject to human errorsAlthough the reality capture techniques, such as photogrammetry and light detection and ranging (LiDAR) mapping, have advanced substantially in recent years, the adoption rate of building information modelling (BIM) in infrastructure construction projects remains low in Australia.  


Johnson Xuesong Shen

Chief Investigator
UNSW Sydney
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James Linke

Partner Investigator
Linke & Linke
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Sisi Zlatanova

RIIS Hub Lead Chief Investigator
University of New South Wales
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Nasser Khalili

RIIS Hub Director & Lead Chief Investigator
University of New South Wales
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