Simit Raval

Current positions held

Senior Lecturer – School of Minerals and Energy Resources Engineering (MERE), UNSW Sydney

Program Director – Undergraduate Mining Engineering Degree, MERE

Co-Director, Laboratory for Imaging of the Mining Environment (LIME), MERE, UNSW


Dr Simit Raval is a mining engineer and Co-Director of the Laboratory for Imaging of the Mine Environment (LIME), at UNSW Sydney. Dr Raval has over 23 years of combined experience in the mining industry and academia. He is specialised in the integration of sensing technologies to drive applied innovation in mining, environmental and civil engineering sectors. He leads a group of researchers focused on utilising data from sensors mounted on various platforms, from satellite through to UAVs, to visualize, identify and monitor operational environments.

He led several industry research projects including three nationally competitive Australian Coal Industry’s Research Program (ACARP) projects (C26030, C27057 & C29048) that involve smart sensing technologies. He has supervised PhD research projects involving drone-based smart sensing (hyperspectral and LiDAR), underground mobile laser scanning, image-based automated material characterisation, mine rehabilitation/closure, climate change and asteroid mining.

Dr Raval will be engaged with BHP for the RIIS hub in testing and developing innovative mobile LiDAR systems for mapping underground environments, investigating sensor designs and relate instrumentation/hardware applied in GPS-denied environments, developing algorithms for automated detections of objects, and developing AI-based data analytics to monitor sensitive assets/infrastructure on surface as well as underground.