Liang Zhao

Current Position Held

Research & Development Manager


Dr Liang Zhao has been in the mining industry for over 15 years as a Chartered Professional Engineer and a member of MIEAust and AusIMM. He made possible many collaboration opportunities and project initiatives, delivered through his major roles, including his work as a Mining Engineer with Anglo American, Project Coordinator and Technical Superintendent with CHN Energy, as well as the Research and Development Manager at Azure Mining Technology. His contributions to the research and development activities in Azure Mining Technology that include numerous research projects with an annum R&D budget of A$5Million generated significant outcomes on industry-related projects and proved his research experience in management and delivery of collaborative industrial and end-user focused research.

About Azure Mining Technology Pty Ltd

Azure Mining Technology Pty Ltd, head quartered in Sydney, is an Australian subsidiary of China Coal Technology and Engineering Group (CCTEG, and was founded in 2019 to focus on scientific and industrial research and development (and associated commercialisation of the information resulting from that research) for the coal mining industry.

At AMT, our missions are to enhance the development of coal mining technologies and products through research collaborations with relevant coal mining industry partners and education programmes. Our aim for our Australian operations is to research, develop and commercialise technical solutions and technologies for the coal mining industry.

As the only mining equipment, technology services group in the world that has the most extensive range and depth of products for coal mining, CCTEG puts high emphasize on the quality and safety of its products and innovation. CCTEG covers the coal industry’s value chain, including fundamental research, technology transformation, design services arising from coal mining industry research (holds 6 design institutes) and equipment development. For more information, visit