Hamid Ronagh

Current positions held

Professor of Structural Engineering, Centre for Infrastructure Engineering


Professor Ronagh joined Western Sydney University as Professor of Structural Engineering in October, 2015. Prior to joining Western Sydney University, Professor Ronagh was at the University of Queensland where he led Structural Retrofit, the largest research group in the field of Structural Engineering. This group was active on many projects including FRP strengthening of reinforced concrete joints, overwrap repair of subsea pipelines and strengthening against post-earthquake fire.
Professor performs international consulting on the design of infrastructure including high rise towers, hospitals, bridges, and airports. He has designed and manufactured revolutionary roll formers for the light steel framing industry that have been sold in international markets.
Professor Ronagh is the author or co-author of over 250 scholarly publications (including over 150 journal publications) on a wide range of topics in the areas of structural engineering, in particular structural retrofit, and light steel framing. He received his PhD degree in Structures from the University of New South Wales in 1996.