Graeme Kernich


Current Position HeldFrontierSI

Chief Executive Officer


Graeme is CEO for FrontierSI, a not-for-profit research organisation which exists to deliver major benefits to governments, industry and the community using its deep skills in spatial mapping, infrastructure, analytics, geodesy and standards.  He previously served as Deputy CEO and CEO for the Cooperative Research Centre for Spatial Information, where he was responsible for operations, including finance, compliance, legal, corporate governance, business development and commercialisation. His prior experience includes technology transfer, including negotiation of commercial agreements, commercial and route-to-market strategies, intellectual property management, licencing and project planning.  In his current and previous roles, Dr Kernich has facilitated the creation and development of companies in various sectors, including IT, biotechnology, mining, agriculture, and energy.  Graeme has formal qualifications in Business Administration, Governance and Leadership, and a PhD in Agricultural Science