Mahroo Bahafar


Postdoctoral Fellow


Dr. Mahroo Baharfar is an early career researcher with over 6 years of research experience spanning nanotechnology, micro-fabrication, electrochemistry, and sensors. She earned her Ph.D. (2019-2022) in Chemical Engineering from the University of New South Wales under the supervision of Prof. Kourosh Kalantar-Zadeh. Following this, she continued her academic journey as a post-doctoral fellow in the research group led by Prof. Guangzhao Mao, where she works on developing a new generation of nanotechnology-enabled sensors for mine monitoring.

Dr. Baharfar’s academic background includes a BSc. in Applied Chemistry from Khajeh-Nasir University of Technology (2011-2015) and an MSc. in Analytical Chemistry from Tarbiat Modares University (2015-2017). This diverse education has equipped her with extensive expertise in analytical chemistry, materials science, and microsystems fabrication.

Her research contributions have resulted in 40 peer-reviewed publications and over 800 citations within a 5-year period. As a contributor to the RIIS hub, Dr. Baharfar brings her expertise in electrochemistry and nanoscience to fabricate sensors based on nanomaterials for mines health and safety monitoring. Her contributions to nanotechnology and sensor development hold promise for shaping a safer and more technologically advanced mining environments.