Adel Ahmadinezhad

Thesis Topic

Effects of Unsaturation and Hydraulic Hysteresis on Small-Strain Dynamic Properties of Soils


Dr. Adel Ahmadinezhad is a Geotechnical Engineering Researcher at UNSW, focusing on the elastic properties of geomaterials under various hydraulic conditions that ground experiences. He obtained his MSc and PhD from the top-ranked university in Iran, Sharif University of Technology, in 2013 and 2020, respectively. Following that, he worked as a postdoctoral researcher at SUT for one year in 2021. His research and publications are centered around innovative experimental solutions for determining the dynamic properties of three-phase porous media. Dr. Ahmadinezhad is also the recipient of the Khwarizmi Young Award, the most prestigious scientific and engineering award in Iran, in 2016.
He has contributed significantly to Experimental Geotechnical Engineering, inventing ten devices, including Triaxial Double and Oedometer Cells with Removable Ceramics, a Fully Automated Tensiometer, a High-Capacity Suction Probe, and Unsaturated Cyclic Hollow Cylinder Apparatus. These inventions have resulted in ten granted patents and the commercialization of nine products. Notably, these technologies have been adopted by fifteen high-profile Iranian universities.