WHEN9:00am - 1:00pm, 28 March, 2024 [AEST]
WHEREAnita B. Lawrence Centre (H13), GROUND LEVEL GALLERY, School of Built Environment UNSW, Sydney, Australia.

Please join RIIS and GRID@UNSW as we discuss challenges, exchange experiences and share ideas to reveal Digital Twin opportunities and solutions

In this workshop we discuss what and how 3D spatial technology have been used to build, visualise and perform analyses and simulations in 3D Spatial Digital Twins.

Researchers from Europe and Australia share lessons learned and elaborate on innovative solutions. Several presentations will report on Digital Twins for distinct applications, followed by a discussion:

  1. City Digital Twins for Enhanced Sustainability and Efficiency, A/Prof. Mila Koeva, University Twente, The Netherlands (on-line)
  2. NSW Spatial Digital Twin, Brenton Ray, NSW Customer Services, Australia (TBC)
  3. Digital Twin Road – Physical-Informational Representation of the Future Road System, prof. Jörg Blankenbach, Aachen, Germany
  4. Advancing sustainable urban planning in spatial digital twin paradigm – Framework and case studies, A/Prof Chayn Sun, RMIT, Melbourne, Australia
  5. Torino Spatial Digital twin: challenges in 3D modelling, Yogender Yadav, Polytechnic University Torino, Italy
  6. Digital Twins Research at ARC RIIS Hub, A/Prof Johnson Shen, RIIS UNSW Sydney, Australia
  7. From static to dynamic: Integrated application of knowledge graph and digital twin in infrastructure management. Jack Sun, RIIS UNSW Sydney, Australia
  8. Challenges in 3D data integration for Digital Twin, Abdoulaye Diakite, CityGeometrix, Australia


When: March 28th 9am-1pm (GMT +11) [add to calendar]

[In person attendance please RSVP by March 22nd for catering]

A light breakfast and lunch will be provided for physical attendees.

Streaming + recording will be available for online attendees, meeting details will be sent before the event.

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